2. On the Accounts screen, click on Sign in With Microsoft Account Instead Link.. 3. On the next screen, click on Create one! link (Leave the Email field blank). 4. On the next screen, enter your Gmail Address, create an 8-digit password (Not your Gmail Password), type your Country and click on the Next button.

Feb 12, 2015 How to Verify Gmail Email Address | How to Check Valid And Jul 05, 2015 How to Unlock Temporary Locked Gmail Account Immediately I’m forced to log into each and every Gmail account to verify, “Yes that’s me”, to allow the email client to talk to the mail servers again. What a mess. Do the folks at Google ever think ahead about how their “security” features can royally mess up their users? As a result of this experience I will be moving my mission-critical Can´t verify my email : remNote Most people that would submit bugs and requests will have a github account. That being said, sometimes it's not easy to switch from the chat to the browser to post an issue, that gets solved as github has amazing api and discord has incredible boy support, the discord front end doesn't have to even change from what it is now, just need to add

Oct 01, 2013

Oct 26, 2015 Getting Gmail Verification Codes Without a Smartphone, or Dec 18, 2015 How to Recover a Gmail Account: 15 Steps (with Pictures

Maybe it's just happening because your friend change the password many times so Google is probably thinking that someone might be trying to open or using the account for some inappropriate activities. 1. Just open your gmail app. 2. Click on forge

When I try to log in to my new account (I made it about a week ago), after I sign in I get sent to a 'Verify your identity' page saying 'We've detected unusual activity on the account you're trying to access.'. How to verify my own @Gmail account with Google - Quora Steps covered in previous answers, verification code will be sent to the email you set the account up with or a mobile number for SMS activations online. Verify your account - Google Account Help Note: To verify your account, you need a mobile device. Cost of text or voice verification. The cost of your text or voice messages will vary depending on your plan and provider, but will likely be your standard text message and call charges. You can also use your home phone numbers when … How to Recover a Forgotten Gmail Password - Lifewire