Freedom of press includes two inseparable elements, the right of the publisher to publish and the right of the people to an adequate press. 13 . The clash of the privacy doctrine with freedom of the press focuses attention on the latter aspect of the concept, for if a publica-

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Jul 20, 2005 · So of course another factor in this whole thing is the actual quality of the newspaper you're reading, which has nothing to do with the issue of freedom of the press vs. freedom of privacy. Some newspapers are closer to being tabloid rags than others, that's all.

Freedom of association is strongest First Amendment protection for privacy. Court decisions involving privacy rights are sometimes based on more than one First Amendment provision, and it can be difficult to differentiate privacy cases on the basis of a specific First Amendment right. If we believe that freedom of speech, and privacy (the freedom to be left alone) are on the same level, then perhaps privacy should, as a general rule, prevail. Berlin said as much when he argued that, “If the liberty of myself or my class or nation depends on the misery of a number of other human beings, the system which promotes this is May 20, 2016 · Editors vs judges: which right is supreme - press freedom or privacy? any inhibition on what a paper can or cannot publish must amount to a denial of press freedom.

less we must make room for the new right of privacy. The press would be well-advised to accept the fundamental necessity of a privacy right and to assist in the search for an appropriate accommodation. Actually, the areas of conflict between the right of privacy and freedom of the press are quite limited, and the task of reconciliation is

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