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Publications - Dr Sharma's Research Group; C-H Activation Silica-Supported Boric Acid with Ionic Liquid: A Recyclable and Green Catalytic System for One-Pot Three-Component Mannich Reaction. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 2011, 59, 639. 10. R. Kaur, U. Sharma B. Singh and S. Arora. Publications | Prabhu Group Highly Regioselective C2-Alkenylation of 2 Indoles Using the N‑Benzoyl Directing 3 Group: An Efficient Ru-Catalyzed 4 Coupling Reaction V. Lanke and K. R. Prabhu, Org. Lett . 2013, 15 , 2818-2821 A Versatile C-H Functionalization of Tetrahydroisoquinolines Catalyzed by Iodine at Aerobic Conditions Soumitra Agasti - Google Scholar Citations Traceless directing group mediated branched selective alkenylation of unbiased arenes S Agasti, A Dey, D Maiti Chemical Communications 52 (82), 12191-12194 , 2016

Relative Strength of Common Directing Groups in Palladium

Starting with salicylic acid and an iodoarene, the group first identify efficient conditions for the arylation–decarboxylation process. Using the pyridine-stabilised PEPPSI-IPr pre-catalyst Carboxylic Acids as A Traceless Activation Group for

temporary and “traceless” directing group, a carboxylic acid, using a Kolbe–Schmitt type reaction. This ortho-carboxylated phenol is used to direct a C-H activation meta to the hydroxyl substituent (ortho to the acid group), overriding the inherent reactivity of the molecule (Figure …

Recent Publications – Gevorgyan Group Silanol: A Traceless Directing Group for Pd-Catalyzed A Direct Reduction of Aliphatic Aldehyde, Acyl Chloride, Ester, and Carboxylic Functions into a Methyl Group. V. Gevorgyan, M. Rubin, J.-X. Liu, Lewis Acid Catalyzed Highly Regio- and Stereocontrolled Chem Soc Rev - the use of readily removable carboxylic acid and amide directing groups.7 These two examples demonstrate the power of the directing group assisted C–H functionalisation to the late-stage modifying a privileged molecular framework which would have otherwise required many steps to make prior to the development of these unprecedented Application of benzo[d]thiazoyl(BT)sulfonyl group as Additionally, obtained Mitsunobu reaction product should easily release the directing group, preferentially under very mild reaction conditions that should tolerate range of functional groups. To successfully accomplish this task, we decided to replace one of the malonic diester carboxylates with a new “traceless” directing group – benzo Rh(III)-Catalyzed Decarboxylative Coupling of Acrylic